Midterm Project Link

This is a link to my midterm project for my photography class: https://docs.google.com/a/k12albemarle.org/presentation/d/1VuGzDQUxpuhHdkw61f3NXAsQhOBBAx4WbpXKD-pz20A/edit?usp=sharing 

My midterm project basically informed people on photographing in the Navy and the process of becoming a Navy photographer.


I went to a park-like place with my photography class to take pictures at the beginning of December. The main goal while there was to take pictures of places people should stop at on the trail, and give them an idea of the types of pictures they could take. I focused a lot on leading lines, portals, and just interesting things I saw while walking on the trail. It was challenging photographing in the winter and trying to make it look interesting because everything looked kind of dreary and dead since the leaves had mostly fallen off the trees. I did find one leaf I really liked and photographed it, seeing as it was pretty much the only colorful thing there. Even though everything looked dead, I think the pictures look nice, but I hope to go back once the leaves are back on the trees.

Yorktown Boat Parade

I went to Yorktown with my parents to stay at a quaint bed and breakfast one weekend in December where we were able to watch the Yorktown boat parade from our balcony. Every year people decorate their boats with Christmas lights and have a parade around the river. This year instead of walking down to the boardwalk-type area, my family stayed on our balcony to be really close to a warm area without being in any crowds. This gave us the advantage of having a really good view of all the boats that were decorated really nicely. Seeing as we weren't really around other people, my focus for these pictures was mainly the river, the bridge, and the boats, but I think the pictures turned out well considering the low lighting. I also tried taking some light trails with people's headlights/tail lights although I'm not sure if I was able to include them in my album. The parade overall is really fun to watch and I'm glad I got the chance to see it and take pictures. 

San Antonio Senior Portraits

I went to San Antonio in the beginning of November to visit my brother for a few days. My parents were able to book a hotel room right off the Riverwalk, giving me plenty of photo opportunities, including taking my own senior pictures. The Riverwalk is truly gorgeous and I feel so lucky that I got to spend a few days walking around and taking pictures. Most of the pictures I took include the water but others were of the architecture of the buildings surrounding the river. I also took a few pictures with my film camera so I can't wait to see how those turned out!

Chiles Peach Orchard

The roll of film from Chiles turned out really well, not including the pictures that suffered a light leak when being developed. One of the best pictures I got was of a butterfly on a flower. That picture was a little over exposed because of a light leak, but it helped the contrast a lot. I also took some portraits of classmates at Chiles and focused on leading lines a lot. The digital pictures are really great and I plan to get a lot of use out of them.

Summer Shoot 2k16

I took a roll of film and lots of digital pictures while I was on a road trip to the Grand Tetons. I started taking pictures while I was at Devils Tower, Crazy Horse, and then finally the Grand Tetons. A lot of them were taken on a rafting trip I went on because the view of the mountains was really great. I really like how most of these pictures turned out, including the accidental double exposure that has been scanned into the "Film" album on here.